What my clients say about me

  • "I felt relaxed and comfortable talking to you, felt accepted, I don't know why I waited so long to see a therapist, I wish I had started sooner..Keep up the good work!" Joe K. 
  • "Therapy helped me realize my life was my choice.. It is a very special feeling..I am not depressed anymore...I will miss you :( Cathy S. 
  • "It is always easy to talk to you about mistakes I made in my life, never felt judged, I don't judge myself anymore." Joseph N.
  •  "My 11 yrs old daughter could not wait for weekly sessions, play therapy was amazing..she no longer wets her bed.. Thank you!" Karen J.
  • "My son thought therapy was only for girls, but he changed after meeting you..he has not missed school for 6 months now..Thank you." Tim W.
  • "I wish I had started sooner, that is my only regret..I am able to sleep now!" Donna, G.  
  • "Nazila, you should be a therapist! You are a natural! Talking with you is easy, you are insightful not just about feelings, about life and it's purpose, Thank you for what you do". Tom F. 
  • "Nazila, I came to your sessions thinking I was depressed and suffered from low self-esteem, but you figured I had ADHD. Without your help I would have continued my anti-depressant medications and never treated for my real issue. Thank you!" Brian V. 
  • "Luca was too quiet, too shy and did not participate in school when I brought him to you and not knowing what was next. That was the worse feeling.. After a few sessions you said you were confident he had ADHD. I could not believe it, because I thought ADHD meant hyperactivities. Luca's pediatrician completed some tests and confirmed ADHD. Luca is on medications now and doing great at school, he made friends and does not look like a timid boy anymore. Therapy is helping him to learn tricks ( as you thought him to say) to manage ADHD, I thank you Nazila for being so good at what you do. Luca says Hi". Susan D.
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